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Garden lanscaping services in Kent and London.

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- March 29, 2006, 1:35 pm
Posted by Blake
I think its time to redesign the home page. It's not very functional as it stands.
- March 29, 2006, 4:42 pm
Posted by James
It's a clean site with plenty of useful information. Probably would benefit from a refreshed homepage for maximum effect and visitor usability.
rob mcgee & son - April 20, 2006, 1:19 pm
Posted by julie
some attractive content but not very easy to navigate.
- May 28, 2006, 2:50 pm
Posted by Mark
The home page has been recently updated and it looks good to me.
- April 1, 2006, 7:16 am
Posted by Richard
The site has good content with examples of their work. There are no adverts. A more user friendly menu would make it easier to navigate.
- March 30, 2006, 3:55 pm
Posted by z-blackfox.info
The entire site seems a bit cumbersome for my likings. Simpler is better and it just seems to have a dated feel.
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